From the desk of President Lukarla McCready-Turner

I would like to thank you all for your support the past few weeks as I get settled into this new role. What a great changeover dinner and a very heart-warming surprise for Mark and Myself to receive a Paul Harris Fellow recognition by the club. I felt very blessed and grateful and am really looking forward to what we can achieve together this year.
I would like to thank Past Presidents Mark & Leanne for leading our club these past years and I will strive to continue and build onto the great foundations set and look forward to a year of action, connection, service Fun!.
My hope for this year is to for us to put all our planning to action and concentrate on raising funds, having fun and giving back with some great projects and events. Also to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and each other and encouraging every member to take the opportunity to get involved in the things they are passionate about in line with this year’s theme of “Rotary Opens Opportunities’.
This month Mark, Mike and myself attended the TPDVWA Vietnam Veterans Day Memorial service which was a great turn out and a moving ceremony. We all jumped out of our skin when they let off the cannon 😊
Alan & Karen Steel, Dean, Brett W, Jacki and myself also attended the Rockingham Combined Services Dinner in July celebrating service in Rockingham along with 6 other service clubs and the Salvation Army. It was great to hear about what they all have planned and to see how we can collaborate going forward.
We have had some amazing speakers, Justin Sambell of the PCYC Rockingham, Bernie Foley from Life Education WA and Louise Garland of Empowering chicks. All such great causes and I hope that we can support them in some way in the next 12 months.